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Tough got Tougher

Aerobic Microphones Australia (AMA) introduced a further refinement of the current Aeromic and Cyclemic headworn microphones for Fitness Instructors earlier this year. They now come with a carbon protector encasing the capsule. It is acoustically transparent and protects the mesh in front of the capsule from getting clogged or wet from sweat or spit. Peter […]

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Caring for your headset

Congrats if you purchased a personal headset. Nothing like owning your own gear & a little bragging rights ;). The Fitness Audio range of instructor headsets are build for purpose & tough. With a little TLC, it will serve you well. The tips also be helpful for general headset care. caring for yr mic   […]

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Voice over Music – Wireless Mic basics

Fitness Instruction; delivering clear, crisp & motivating cue for an awesome class experience. And get members coming back for a repeat session, right? A robust, comfortable, easy to use, ahem good looking wireless microphone is an absolute must have. Equip your knowledge and impress your club manager with the attached primer on wireless instructor microphone […]

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