Blue Tooth Reciever


New from Fitness Audio Our Stereo Bluetooth® Receiver. The AeroLink® Rack-mounting Stereo Bluetooth® Receiver delivers mp3 music at cleaner and louder levels than a cable.

We’ve updated the AeroLink to a full stereo version with a mono option for PA use via the jack output. It can be secured in the standard 19 inch wide equipment rack. We have also had alternative rack ears made to make it mountable in a 10 inch wide IT Rack. These are optional extras, available from your supplier or directly from us. Connect it to your mixer with the 2 RCA to 2 RCA cable provided or opt for the jack output if connecting to a mono input on a desktop PA mixer. It works with any iPhone®, iPod Touch® or Smartphone that has Bluetooth®.

So how does it work? Well you line up the first track of your chosen playlist (EQ on FLAT or OFF please!) on your phone or player, then go to SETTINGS and select BLUETOOTH™ ON. Press the Blue button on the front of the AeroLink and the lights start flashing until your phone senses the signal and partners up. Then you’ll see the words AEROLINK1, 2, 3 or 4 and CONNECTED on your Phone or Player’s screen. Once you are locked on with a solid blue LOCK LED on the AeroLink then just switch back to MUSIC on your phone or player, press play and you’re on the air – easy! It’s one of the few models available where you can use up to 4 Bluetooth Receivers under the one roof without confusion.

The AeroLink® AL 3.0 by Fitness Audio® is not just for Fitness Studio Sound Systems, who will love it – this will go down well with many other venue operators and Audio System Hire Companies as well. This is a modern day replacement of the CD Player for your equipment racks!

The ALS 3.0 is supplied with a DC “Y” splitter lead that connects to the 12VDC Power Pack of your Wireless Mic Receiver like the one that comes with the SDR5616. They share the power from the one pack. However, a separate 12V Power Pack is also available as an optional extra if that is preferred.